Dual citizenship and citizenship by marriage

31/07/10 20:22
Once again, congratulations NCC for a job well done!! I hope you will seriously take into account all our sggestions. I have one comment and one suggestion :

1. I welcome your recommendation for dual citizenship! Among other situations, I would like to point out how unfair it was in a situation of someone who has only one parent Zambian and the other non-Zambian. Our laws required that for such a person to become "officially" Zambian, they first needed to renounce their non-Zambian parent's citizenship!! Very unrealistic and unfair in this ever globalizing world. It shattered my mind that I am a Zambian but my own children are denied being Zambian on the grounds I have just explained!! So, I am relieved with the draft Constitution's recommendation for dual citizenship, my children then would not have to be obliged to renounce their father's identity. What is more, this situation penalised more children born of Zambian mothers with non-Zambian fathers. For, Children with Zambian fathers and non-Zambian mothers were automatically considered and treated as Zambians, using their father's Zambian names!!

2. On Zambian citizenship by marriage, I wish to point out that the clause that requires non-Zambian spouses married to Zambians to have lived in Zambia continuously for a period of 15 years before they can apply for Zambian citizenship is also unrealistic because it penalises those working outside Zambia and who have regulary been coming only for leave and holidays or consultancies. I would therefore suggestst that you RATHER CONSIDER THE NUMBER OF YEARS THE COUPLE HAVE BEEN MARRIED, TO ENSURE THAT THEIR UNION WAS NOT A MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE. This could also be a yardstick for measuring loyalty and commitment both to the family and to Zambia as a whole. My husband and I have been married more than 25 years and have big children but his stay in Zambia has been punctuated with working abroad. Please thank you for your favarouble consideration of my suggestion.

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